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Now, just so you know, I'm only making this thread mostly to see what kind of ideas people have if/when we have a level raise, and what abilities (per class) we might want to see. This doesn't include getting rank 3 of the 'team buff' abilities for space and ground along with rank 3 of "Fleet Support", since IMO that is just part of the level ups anyways.

Here are my thoughts on this:

1. Brand new abilities.

Tac: Space: Focus Fire - send all your weapons into overdrive, firing everything at max power within your firing arc, at the cost of a huge weapons drain after words, and being unable to move while firing this huge volley of power.

Ground: Looking for a good idea.

Engineer: Space: Multiphasic shielding - You know that annoying ability some cluster aliens love using, right? Well, this makes you immune to ALL damage for a brief time, while (at least for the computer) pulling aggro from virtually everything within firing range; in return though your shields are greatly weakened, and unable to regen (except with other abilities) for a short time. (could work well for sci instead)

Ground: Looking for a good idea.

Sci: Space: Looking for a good idea.

Ground: Looking for a good idea.

2. Choose an ability from another class.

Limitations: No 'team buff' abilities like Tactical fleet or Strike Team. It'd only be rank 1 of the abililty. You'd be able to choose one ground, and one space ability though. Couldn't choose from your own class as well.

For example, my main is an engineer, and I decide to choose AP alpha as the space ability, with say...Nanoprobe Infestation on the ground.

Or maybe...a tac who chooses EPS power transfer as the space, and Tricorder Scan on the ground.

And possibly as well, a sci who now has Rotate Shield Frequency, and Security Escort ("He's dead, Jim!").

3. No new abilities at all, but further upgrades and/or boosts (maybe they have to be unlocked somehow?) to the abilities we already have.

That's really my thoughts, I'm curious what other ideas people have. This isn't about asking for a higher level, but what kinds of abilities we might get if we do have a level cap increase in the future.

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