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Hey there.

Had about 54 chips so put them into mk x marks for ground armor and weapon (need 3 more stfs for the shield)

Im confused which set to aim for because the "info" bit when selected after right click doesnt exactly tell me what the bonuses are when you get 2/3 or all 3 parts of the set. All i know is the name but that doesnt help.

Just thought i would get a ground set after having what i want for now on my ship. So what would be best for me. I like to usually survive but then i like to also have a good offensive usually using fire kit and chaining up abilities before i engage a group then i mess em up in the first offensive attack. With current stuff.

Would prefer the exploit weapon of the Maco but i didnt exactly want a sniper weapon as there too slow but powerful im more of wanting a fast repeater that does good damage but not the best otherwise it be too slow of a weapon.

Really confused as both sets have something good about them. I do not do ground stfs just space, i might later in time but for now im happy just doing the space ones as there quick to get over with.

My current character has this equipped incase it helps decided which is best.

[Personal Mobility Shield Mk XI [Cap] [Reg]]
[Jem'Hadar Armor Mk XI]
[Tactical Kit - Fire Team Mk IX]
[Jem'Hadar Polaron Full Auto Rifle Mk XI]
[Romulan Disruptor Split Beam Rifle Mk X]

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