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Hello Folks,

I am New to the foundry and would like to ASK a Couple of Questions:

- a Part of my Mission ist to meet an Admiral at the Readyroom (Captainsroom) of a Galaxy Class Bridge (the One with just One Center chair). Well, the Problem is that I cant really Enter the Captains Ready Room. After One Meter into the Room my Character cant go any further. Is that normal?

- how do I Place the NPCs correctly into chairs? They sit either next to the chair in mid-air or they sit on the back- or arm leans.

- Am I right to use the NPC-Contact Tab for the Bridge officers?

- i would like to Enter the admiralsship via the Transporter room? I couldnt find the transporter Pad As a tile, so i used a station map, which includes a Transporter pad. But i just Need the Transporter Room and a Turbolift. So how to u blend out the Rest of the Map (on the minimap As well)?

I Read the EULA. In German it says that i can use Character names from the Series, like James t. Kirk or jordy laforge etc. (i sm just Not allowed to use the abtöte real names. In One of the youtube foundry Tutorials I heared, we are Not allowed to use the character names from the series. What is true?

Thanks in Advance
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02-26-2012, 09:38 PM
Ok, it seems you are asking a lot of questions here.

Access To Ready Room Blocked
On the bridges, there's a problem where the ready room has an invisible wall blocking it. That is the case on the Galaxy bridge so you cannot enter it.

Sitting Officers In Bridge Chairs
On sitting officers in the chairs, the only way to do is it is trial and error. Fortunately for you, I've already got the coordinates for the Galaxy bridge for you:

Galaxy Class Bridge

Captain's Chair
Animation to use: Sit - Captain's Chair or Sit - Officer's Chair
Sit - Captain's Chair may or may not work depending on the size of the NPC.
X: -0.2; Y: 0; Z: -2.438; Rotation: 0

Forward Consoles (Ops & Conn) (The officer's legs will clip through the chair, which is unavoidable)
Animation to use: Sit - Officer's Chair
Conn: X: 2.4; Y: 0; Z: 10.05; Rotation: 0
Ops: X: -2; Y: 0; Z: 10.05; Rotation: 0

Seated consoles (Unlike Ops and Conn the legs don't clip through the chair on these)
Animation to use: Sit - Officer's Chair
Port Console: X: -11.45; Y: 0; Z: 6; Rotation 25
Starboard Console: X: -11.95; Y: 0; Z: 6; Rotation -35

Standing consoles
Animation to use: Any variation of Type - Leaning
Port Wall: X: 13; Y: 0; Z: -0.1; Rotation -90
Starboard Wall: X: 13.1; Y: 0; Z: -0.1; Rotation 90
Port Tactical: X: -1.217; Y: 0; Z: -5; Rotation 0
Starboard Tactical: X: 0.874; Y: 0; Z: -5; Rotation 0
Aft Port: X: -6; Y: 0; Z: -12.7; Rotation -154.4
Aft Center (Engineering): X: -0.018; Y: 0; Z: -13.7; Rotation 180

Depending on the actual size of your NPCs you may need to tweak the coordinates, but for the most part these should work.

Whether To Use NPC Contacts
Yes, that is the correct one to use. You can also use an enemy group of neutral targs and reskin them as Federation NPCs. Or use the single neutral targ and reskin it. The only reason you'd want to do that is if you run out of NPC Contacts though.

How To Obscure Rest Of Map
First, use the Wall - Turbolift 01 and place it in the doorway exiting the transporter room. Or if you really want you can use Wall - Generic Ship 03 to create a hallway in the usable space inside the Starbase and then have the turbolift down the hall.

As far as covering up the map, I'm not sure whether this is really even worth doing, because I don't think most players waste time checking their minimap just to see that you're really using a Starbase. They'll suspend disbelief. But if it really bothers you then take some Building Block Platform 03 500 x 500s and arrange them so they cover up the rest of the stuff on the map.

Names of Characters
There's what the EULA says and then there's what various devs have claimed (some of which I personally consider questionable, but that's your call to make). You definitely cannot use the likenesses of the actors, but that's been "clarified" to say that you can't use the characters at all.

Strictly speaking, I don't personally believe the EULA actually says you can't use the characters, just the actors likenesses, but it's easier just to respect it. I guess the reasoning is it's sort of a gray area as to how closely a given character resembles the actor. It's better to create your own characters which you have full control over anyway.

Anyway, what it really comes down to is you can't make an NPC who is "Captain Picard". You can reference Captain Picard's past actions, but you can't actually have him in the mission.

For something like an Android or an EMH. You can have those, but you can't have it be Data or the Doctor from Voyager (or look too closely like them, but it's really hard to match real faces in the editor anyway, so it's not a big concern).
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02-26-2012, 09:59 PM
Does the /loc code still work on bridges?
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02-26-2012, 10:12 PM
Originally Posted by Kirkfat View Post
Does the /loc code still work on bridges?
It works but you have to divide the result by 3.281 to get the Foundry coordinates, and you'll still have to tweak the NPC positioning because the LOC is not accurate enough to get them to work exactly right with the chairs.
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02-27-2012, 06:36 AM
Yeah the collision on a number of objects is 'wonky' at best. Alot of those maps were retrofitted in order to function for our use...but no dev time has been devoted (to my knowledge) to actually fixing them.

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