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Just tried out the omega mk x gun on sfa event and i find it odd that the effect isnt really seen as in i shoot but its like instant hit i cant see the bullet effectively travel well not very well its weird this is the only gun that i have noticed this on. Maybe its by design that you dont get to see the gun fire very much and that the muzzle flash seems to go to the left side of my character a bit.

Anyhow if maybe someone at cryptic can have a peek and play around with the gun could they or someone tell me if its working ok because im a bit disappointed i cant see the fire effects of it very well i.e coming from me to the enemy im shooting at as it just seems to not do that for me.

Edit - Tried to capture the weirdness of it with screenies but its hard lol. Best i can do below.

Very blocky effect and too much black on the shots as well it just doesnt look like what i think it should be so im wondering if its buggy effect or not or was it suppose to look like this.

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