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# 1 Team Tactics PVP/E Idea
02-28-2012, 11:55 AM
Today I finished re-equipping my ground away team with XI gear, most of it [borg], and considered that as the endgame is largely STFs and PVP, I don't really see them getting much use.

But then it occurred to me that there's no reason that needs to remain true- so hence the suggestion.

Team Tactics would be a Free For All PvP mode which would differ from normal PVP with one major exception: Your ground boff away team beams down with you.

Each player is on their own 'team', with only their away team as allies. Otherwise the map is completely free for all, and points are accrued from either dropping enemy boffs (say 1 point) or enemy PCs (3 points?) or whatever. Whoever has the most points at the end wins or the like.

Maybe even do a big 'Faction Team Tactics' map, where it's 5 vs 5 Fed vs Klink, and all the feds and klinks get their away teams for a big ground war kerfluffle.


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