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02-28-2012, 07:30 PM
Short term:
1. Romulan attributes for editing alien characters, plus Romulan uniforms.

2. Dump the key requirement for locked boxes - too expensive!

3. Greater interactions and activities on planets including diplomacy mini missions.

Mid Term:
1. A Romulan faction (although I know this will end up long term.

2. An exploration planet for Feds & hunting planet for Klingons whereby the planet maps are huge and include different terrains, climates, weather, and day & night time shifting. There would be items to collect, mini missions, interactions, problem solving, and the ultimate - a dilithium mine with a huge quantity of dilithium that would randomly appear hidden anywhere on the planet and players would compete to find it. Idealy 3 mines appearing 1 at a time within a 24hr period once or twice per month as a special event prize.

3. Shuttlecraft races with a variety of track circuits including hazards and prizes for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd.

Long Term:
1. A Romulan faction.

2. More missions for VA's

3. Greater range of bridge officer skills and greater ability to retrain them - maybe send them to a specialist training facility for advanced skills possibly multi skilling & ability to select a variety of skill combos - Science = Daestrom Institute or Vulcan Science Academy; Engineering = Europa Planetia; Tactical = San Fransisco or Andoria Tactical College, and as appropriate for other factions.
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02-29-2012, 02:52 AM
Short term as in RIGHT NOW PLEASE:
1) Remove the annoying "XY has been issued a Galor class cruiser" message, or add an option to turn it off.

2) Whenever I post an auction, I get a message saing "AuctionFailed: item successfully posted". Why "failed"?

3) Make Cardassian Lock Box Keys a rare drop. This might even get those ppl who hate monetization loot drops consider buying a key.
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02-29-2012, 05:12 AM
Short Term

-A shield (not a full item set) that gives your a ship a mirror universe skin
-More specialty items form the DOFF missions like the turrets
-Ability to craft / purchase more type-s energy weapons (I don't like phazers)

Mid Term

-More shuttle missions they are a welcome change of pace
-A holodeck with loadable combat programs to test different Builds

Long Term

-A poker minigame playable with other players
-Ability to add shuttle restrictions to foundry missions
-Ability to add DOFF missions to the foundry (stock mission templates with modifiable txt to keep from farming)
-A Customization slot for your ship so you can change skins with items independent of shields, deflectors, ext. these items could be crafted, bought (GPL C-store whatever), quest rewarded, DOFF rewarded, vet rewarded, or maybe all of the above.
-Non Borg STF's (maybe a 2 person STF)
-Ability to play STF's in classic mode
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02-29-2012, 11:26 AM
Short Term


I'm either asking a horrifically noobish question or the feature doesn't exist, but why can't my character walk? He either jogs or sprints. Sometimes, a guy just needs to get his swagger on. You know? Take some time to smell the roses.

EDIT: I found the option for walking in teh Key Bind section in Options. By default, it's blank.

Skill Points

It seems that once I've reached Vice Admiral, I no longer accumulate skill points and cannot advance in any of the skills. I don't see why this should happen. I'm still playing the game and I would personally like to be able to max out all of those skills. It would at least give me goal...something to motivate me each day and encourage me to come back to play some more.

Mid Term

Provide a complete list of doffs.

Now that I've reached Vice Admiral, I find myself doing the same things over and over. One of the the things that keep me going are the assignments I can send duty officers on. My goal is to have all purple doffs, but when I go to the exchange, I can only search for them by name. If I type in "Doctor" I don't get a list of doctors. If there was a list of doffs somewhere for reference, perhaps somewhere on the station where I could access a terminal that allows me to use various sorting options for the doffs, it wouldn't be such a painful process to find doffs that I need.

This shouldn't be too difficult as I'm assuming that all of the data is stored in a database of sorts and it would only require an interface and simple queries to extract the information desired.

Long Term

Player Owned Space/Ground Stations

Vice Admirals do not generally gallavant about the galaxy looking for things to do. They tell people what to do and they make decisions from behind a desk. A desk that is located on a station, either on the ground or in space.

As we come up through the ranks, we can select a variety of ships and we can customize them to our liking. Why not a station? Of course, it would be purchased in the same manner that ships are. There are some that are free and some that you use C points to acquire. Once you acquire your station, you can design the floor layout and decide what features are available for you and your fleet. You can then staff it with bridge officers that command the various departments; Engineering, Medical, Science, Security, Operations, etc. And how about that office I mentioned earlier? There could be a receptionist out front that welcomes you by name whenever you stop to talk to her/him.

If you have a fleet, they can go to that base whenever they wish to make use of the services you have available at the station; change your ship, use the exhange, change your clothes, etc.

And why not set up a similar "mini-game" like the one for Duty Officers, but if you're a Vice Admiral, your doffs would be ships of various classes and purposes. There could be a separate set of accolades for admirals...perhaps even a new rank - Fleet Admiral.

There's a lot of possibility with this concept and it looks like the basic architechure is in place to make this happen. I also realize that something like this would take a while to plan, test and implement, but it would certainly be something to look forward to and I think it would keep people coming back.
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02-29-2012, 02:32 PM
Originally Posted by EthanCorrigan View Post
Short Term


I'm either asking a horrifically noobish question or the feature doesn't exist, but why can't my character walk? He either jogs or sprints. Sometimes, a guy just needs to get his swagger on. You know? Take some time to smell the roses.
I as wondering if this was possible! I see the NPC characters walking about, and I want my character to move at a walking pace as well. He looks silly jogging everywhere. XD
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02-29-2012, 02:39 PM
I have only one request, OpenGL support. That way us non window users can have a better sto experience.
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02-29-2012, 03:36 PM
Originally Posted by diotw
I as wondering if this was possible! I see the NPC characters walking about, and I want my character to move at a walking pace as well. He looks silly jogging everywhere. XD
Turns out, it was a noob question after all LOL.

I found it in the key bind section Options. You can set a hot key to walk. By default, it's blank. I guess my list can be shortened now.
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02-29-2012, 06:46 PM
Add more funtion to our ships.

Short: Add storage to our ships. Seriously, it's a ship, we already have a room, why not have a closet and/or chest in it we can use? Give us the option to craft in our ships. Even if we have to pay for it. As in buying a module or a chest from the cstore.

Medium: Give us a blank slate as far as our ship interiors. Or failing that, give us a way to mix-and-match our interiors with other interiors, the way we can custom mix sections of our ships. For example, the bridge from one interior might look better with the crew deck of yet another interior.

Long: Give us more types of ships, not just warships. Add mining and cargo ships. Perhaps even cruise ships. Mining ships would give a bonus to scans for data samples. Cargo ships might be an alternate way for us to earn energy credits. Cruise ships would be a way to earn latinum.

Add more function ground side.

Short: Create more social areas on more planets. This would be a wonderful cstore item.

Medium: Housing. Let players have a place to relax in between missions. Look at other MMO's, and see how popular housing and house decorations are. Cstore content would be very popular.

Long: Let us own property that pays for itself. Farms, ranches, mines, factories. This could lead to player created communities.

Add more factions.

Short: The KDF should be playable from 1-50. There is no reason that there can't be KDF versions of low level Fed missions.

Medium: Romulan faction. This is hands down what just about everyone wants to see. You can virtually port over KDF faction content to the Romulans side seamlessly.

Long: A neutral faction. Any race and ship and planet, any sector. All species would be welcome. All ships would be available. Players could choose missions to help SF, the KDF, or non-aligned factions.
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03-01-2012, 11:28 AM
Long: Can somebody pleaaaase add some life to the ground missions?
It seems every where I go I'm either by myself or creeping up on a patrol.

Medium: It would be cool if we can shout orders from the bridge.

Long: Give the ability to walk outside on top of our ships.

Medium: Add more stuff to do on the brigde.

Short: Add more crew members walking around the ship.

Long: Add a holodeck to every ship.

Long: The option to roam around your ship while in red alert ( fixing plasma leaks ect.)

Short: Add a track list so WE can choose different soundracks from the Star Trek T.V series and movies
while playing the game.

Long: Add realistic effects to astronomical objects ( Extreme gravity on planets where its hard for our ship
to move ect..)

Long: Its not really Sol system if its only one planet. Where are all these at?...........( Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn ect......)
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Short Term:
1. Revamped STF System that requires players to have completed at least 5 runs on normal and advanced before playing on elite difficulty STF runs. Secondly implement an automatic ranking system that gives points towards people who successfully complete STF runs. Third of all, force everybody to finish the same objective before going on to the next one. This will incentivize people to work together better.

2. Enterprise C that is either a skin or it's own ship. If it's a skin, it must give the Enterprise D a better turn-rate and be smaller in size with respect to the galaxy class.

3. Release the Andorian battle cruiser and Ferengi Dkora Class Marauder

Mid Term:
1. Better Sorting options for my inventory. Along these lines, let us have access to our personal bank and fleet bank from within our ships.

2. Make our ship's sick bay be viable. Sick bay's doctor/s should be able to heal critical, major, and minor injuries.

2.5. Revamp the ship tier system according to Suricata's Ship Tier Revamp proposal:
Found here:

3. Playable caitian ships

4. More PVP maps, More STF's, More FE's

5. Playable Romulan and Reman characters for the Feds and Klings along with customizable Romulan and Reman Uniforms

6. Give Fleet leaders and senior officers the ability to designate home bases, as well as the ability to transwarp there.

7. Give us some black cat pets/panthers to go along with our Caitians please

8. More Klingon daily missions that involve bribery and marauding

A Bribery Missions: You have to bribe 2 or 3 people down on a planet. Depending on their mood, which you must judge for yourself, you might have to convince them to do X with reason A or convince them to do Y with reason B. Fail to bribe one person results could result in an ambush that you must survive. It can have a two or three minute timer. If you survive, you will have the option of bribing two more people. However, if you fail to bribe the second person, you are forced to escape to a beamout zone. You will also have to reach the beamout zone within a specific time limit or you fail the mission and die.

If you do happen to sucessfully bribe the second person, the third person will let you bribe them but on the condition that you offer them a means of escape. You could mix and match what happens after you bribe the second and third person. Maybe they mug you and try for a quick escape. Maybe if you refuse to help the third person escape, the third person turns you into the authorities.

To create a really cool twist, you could even make a subplot that involves us turning in the corrupt officials, politicians to the local authorities.

You could even tie in real missions with doff missions. For example, after a you reach level 3 doff diplomacy, you get access to special emergency beam out beacons that you can place in different areas of the bribery mission map.

B. Marauding Missions

An example of a conquest mission would be going to a poor planet and demanding that they give you resources through intimidation and extortion. You could make it have the same dynamic I describe above. Have three villages, each with a chance to give more resources if you sucessfully extort money/resources from them. However, you have to convince some of the villagers to go along with your plan. When you talk to villager X, you can offer them a certain amount of credits (3 different amounts) to help convince the villagers that giving up their money/resources is the best idea. If you come to an agreement with a villager, your chances of intimidating and extorting the whole village successfully increase. However, you could still sucessfully get the village to hand over it's resources without the help of a few greedy villagers .

Ok, so, let's go through an example run. I come to village A. Once I get there, I have to intimidate X number of people. If I'm sucessful, the whole village gives me 60 provisions or 15 antigens or 20 medical supplies. If I'm unsuccessful, the whole town riots. I will still get some provisions but it will only be about a 1/4 of what I receive when I'm succesful. If the Village A riots there's a small chance (10%), that village B will riot. There's an even smaller chance that Village C will riot (2%), but it's highly unlikely . Anyways, you catch the general drift. There are a lot of ways you could organize it, and I'm sure you can think of more.

1. Playable Romulan Faction (with Remans, too)

2. Fleet Space Stations

3. Implement a Ferengi Doff System
Found here:

4. Put shuttle bays in our ships where we can store 1 or 2 of our shuttles. Give us the ability to fly out of our shuttlebays in our shuttle or to have team-mates/BOFF's fly out of our shuttlebay in our shuttle/s.

5. Klingon Singleplayer Expansion

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