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Admiral Murphy’s Log Stardate: 87069.9
It gives me great pleasure to see the first transport ship departing from Deep Space 11 today heading for the recently established colony, Frontier Colony. It is the farthest outpost that we currently have, located on the edge of known space in the Gamma Quadrant. We’ve been out here for several years, and still there is so much to explore and find out here, and it doesn’t help to have the Dominion around, still unhappy to see us now in there neck of the woods. That hasn’t stopped us though. Thanks to the hard work of T’prel, a Vulcan scientist from the Vulcan Science Academy, we’ve been able to set up this scientific outpost. Some of the best minds in the Federation are moving to Frontier Colony now from what I’ve heard to be the first to discover what mysteries await us out here…

One Year Later, Current Day…

Hostilities from the Dominion continue, as a raiding party has crossed into Federation territory in the Gamma Quadrant. Starfleet forces are spread thin out here as they attempt to contain the threat. You’ve been selected to help contain these Jem’hadar and prevent them from attacking any more outposts out here. Your assignment is to protect Frontier Colony from several Jem’hadar Attack Ships on their way there.
However, is it only raiding Jem’hadar that you have to worry about?
It’s up to you to protect this far out colony from a not so friendly foe, who unknown to all have been up to something in the Gamma Quadrant, and now, they seek the destruction of Frontier Colony for some reason. It’s up to you to protect Frontier Colony from the dangers that swarm the area, and investigate to solve the mystery of Frontier Colony, and why it’s being targeted by these attacks. Who is really your friend out here, and who is your foe? Terror knocks at the door, and will you answer it?

Terror Knocks at the Door is a four part Foundry Series that features a good chunk of space and ground combat, character interaction with the inhabitants of Frontier Colony, non-combat objectives, a few puzzles, custom created maps, and a mystery that you’ll have to solve, in order to save the lives of Frontier Colony. Work together with the crew of the starship Atlantica, and challenge yourself and crew as you plunge in to the heart of fear itself.

Release Dates:

Terror Knocks at the Door 1/4: Friday, March 2nd
Terror Knocks at the Door 2/4: Friday, March 9th
Terror Knocks at the Door 3/4: Friday, March 16th
Terror Knocks at the Door 4/4: Thursday, March 23rd

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