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03-01-2012, 12:29 PM
Al said not that long ago that PW didn't like selling too many things that make you re-level.

I'm going to toss a weird idea out there, though. We got a glimpse of Cardassian politics with the Galors and the Cardassian diplomat in the Featured Episode. We know KDF and Fed are both getting "normal" Cardassian DOffs in the next DOff expansion. And the art is there aside from haircut variety, which many species are lacking in.

What if one of the standard rewards for the new FE series is the ability to roll a Cardassian?

We know that many are now loyal to the Federation but they seem antsy about not being allowed to have a military... and so I could see a payoff to this FE series being BOTH massive waves of Cardassians entering Starfleet to reinforce the Federation's efforts to reinforce Cardassia and many disgruntled Cardassians looking to the KDF as their new protector, particularly as a payoff to all this spy work the Klingons are doing in the series and as something the Klingon Empire might allow both to destabilize the Feds in the area and, in sincerity, out of disgust for the Feds denying Cardassians the right to defend themselves in battle.

The situation isn't THAT unlike some real ones. For example: Japan. They were denied a standing army for years but I believe they were invited to cooperate in Iraq. Iceland may be an even better example. They have no military but they do participate in NATO and Icelandic citizens can join the Norwegian military.

I think it would also spike chance box sales to release "official" Cardassians now.

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