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I don't get it. More than players in any other game, the majority of STO players will not communicate in groups.

Today, lack of communication resulted in losing bonus objectives twice (!) in normal-mode space STFs, and a ground STF was a nightmarish 25 minutes where the group members weren't even in the same part of the instance, let alone cooperating.

First, the ground STF: It was absolutely intolerable. One teammate ran around face-pulling every group in the instance. She was a Sci officer with 230 HP at VA...running into groups of five Borg, then dying and leaving the aggro on us, or running away and leaving us to deal with the face-pull. This player did not respond to any attempts to communicate. An Engi officer on the team would often pull a second group after the Sci officer face-pulled a we'd have two groups of Borg bearing down on us.

It was a re-spawn fest. After 25 minutes I bounced...I tried, I really did, but the group was not going to finish the mission.

Then there was Infected Space. Lost the bonus both times tonight despite playing on normal. Tried communicating with a pair of teammates in the first run-through, who were firing on the gateway.

"Hey guys, we've gotta destroy the generators first."

No reply.

"Hey guys, we can't actually do any damage to the gateway unless we take down the transformers."

No reply.

"Dude...stop firing on the gateway and help us with the Tactical Cube."

No reply.

Between these players, and the players who park on top of the Kang in Cure and AFK, most of these games come down to two or three players actively participating, while two or three do not.

I'll stop ranting now, but for the love of God let's have an end-game group threshold a la Rift, and some form of vote-kick or vote-abandon feature so once in a while, if all the stars align and a miracle happens, we can have occasional games where all five players cooperate.

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