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03-02-2012, 07:36 AM
hah maybe I'm not! thought it said 6 PST -- nevertheless, I still stick by my comments. The simple fact that there was a notice about the server going down at all this morning should be enough for someone to know better than to get involved in anything potentially lengthy or "critical" to their game (as if there is such a thing in STO). Moaning about it won't do anything -- we have no idea what happened, why or what the rationale was. Perhaps I have a high tolerance for things like this because I've been in the business (years ago, I worked at a company that, among other things, developed and supported an MMO, so I have some measure of insight to what happens under the covers in games like this)... The short story is: things happen, period. If someone is so incensed over not getting some item or another or they didn't get to play that extra 30 minutes or whatever, they should quit because clearly this game isn't for them, and good riddance (they won't find it much better in any other MMO, though...). The rest of us will be better off without the constant complaining and maybe the slightly few connections per second will improve stability...

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