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03-02-2012, 09:31 AM
Originally Posted by flottenhorst
same here, but I just wanted to start and now itīs DL again 500mb... really "great" since itīs stuck at 31,0 % now...

and this happens how often? mostly more than once a week? is this game this buggy or why do i have to patch appr. 1GB every week? content canīt be all of it - even if it where this is just f*cking anoying to some extend...

sorry for harsh language :p

EDIT: now itīs done and guess what...same version as prior to the patch...i kidd you not...WTF?
You can read the Patch Notes to see what's in today's patch. Today's patch also includes the next FE part that goes live at 10 PST tomorrow.

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