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03-02-2012, 03:47 PM
you might have read what i wrote, im still convinced that 135 is ideal for at least cruisers using beam arrays. escorts with cannons i haven't tested thoroughly enough to be sure it benefits them too, though if my theory is correct it should work for them too.

ive found that when broad siding some npc hit point sponge with 135 weapons power the lowest my energy levels drop to is a bit higher then it is if my max is set to 125. i didn't dig through logs or anything, i just kept an eye on how far my energy levels drooped, if they don't drop as low then i must be doing slightly better dps. ive seen no benifit for going past 135.

i think i might know why this happens, when you switch power presets you will see some power levels overflow what their max should be and then settle lower to their normal maximum. with weapons energy always draining and refilling, this effect is happening all the time with weapons energy. so for a split second, if you have more then 125 weapons energy available, your energy level will run overboard for a second and you will proboly fire off a shot during that time and make use of an extra 10 energy.

that's my theory anyway, it cant be recreated by carefully firing off weapons one at a time and observing drain. this would only work when your autofiring your energy weapons as fast as you can.

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