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02-26-2012, 09:18 AM
Originally Posted by Red_1999
There's also a side benefit - you've got a decent chance of shooting down any slow torpedoes headed your way. This can be a life-saver. The Borg motherships in Borg encounters come to mind with their instakill torps.
Yes, that is a good point. It works great to stop those slow moving (Heavy Plasma) torpedoes.

Originally Posted by Cstriker01 View Post
Is FAW with DEM a better option then BO?
DEM is ok in PvE because you don't need very many heals in PvE. The only problem with using DEM in PvP is it's long cool-down. You would really need two copies of it to make it worthwhile, and in my opinion, it isn't worth it. You have to remember, that you are an engineer in an Assault Cruiser. You aren't going to be able to dish out a lot of DPS. So don't expect to kill anything very fast, or at all. Some of the best players in the game will be able to soak up all your DPS. But if your build is right, they won't be able to kill you either. If you want DPS, then save up for a fleet escort.
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02-26-2012, 03:15 PM
Carry some heals, and use them to heal your buddies when they come under fire. Extend Shields is the best of these, although it does nothing for you directly. Think of it this way: you are not a healbot, you are a force-multiplier. The longer your allies stay alive, the more damage they will do and the more damage they will soak up -- and the more likely it is that your team will win. You will do far more damage by throwing Extend Shields on an ally and keeping them alive than you will with a copy of DEM.

PvP is not about who can kill best 1v1. Yes, you bring your best build individually because to do otherwise is to handicap yourself, but two people working together can easily beat 3 or 4 uncoordinated opponents. Fighter pilots have wingmen. Even snipers deploy in teams of two.

The real secret tech to PvP in STO is that it's about working as a team.
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03-02-2012, 11:28 AM
Originally Posted by Cstriker01 View Post
Alrighty, long time MMO player, just tried out STO in the F2P and I'm loving. Needless to say, im already Admiral lower! PVP is the end goal here and here is what I'm lookng at running (some of the parts I have already purchased so this is end goal and will transfer later on to vice admiral):

Assault Cruiser
Weapons (All MK X)
Fore: 2 x DBB Disruptor, 2 x BA Disruptor (possibly drop 1 beam array for quantums/Chron)
Aft: 4 x BA Disruptor

Very Rare Covarient shield w/ Cap, Pha, and Tet MK X
Rare Positron Deflector w/Shield emit and something else MK X

Eng Console:
2x Rare MK X EPS, 1x Very rare Force Field, 1x Rare Field Emitter

Tac Console:
3x Rare Disruptor MK X

Sci Console:
1x Rare Bio Monitor MK X, 1x Rare Emitter Array MK X

Boff Skills:
Tac Ensign: Tac Team 1
Tac Lt: Beam overload 1, APB 1

LT. Cmdr Engineer: ET1, EPtS 2, DEM 2
Cmdr Engineer: EPtS 1, EPtW 2, AtSIF 2, RSP 3

Sci LT: ST 1, HE 2

So, I am going to focus on one beam, and I was looking at disruptors for their sweet debuff. However, I hear Tetryon, Polaron, and Plasma are viable PVP. First question is my weapon layout, would it be better to go disruptors or switch to a different beam for PVP. Also, is my setup with DBB going to work for good alpha strike instead of HY1 or 2 (thus switching for moar torps).

My boff are my next concern. So far, this setup has helped my teams and myself stay alive. But I question what versions I have in what spots and I also question DEM2. Is it worth taking DEM or instead grabbing say....aceton beam or Eject Warp plasma??

Thoughts and opinions? Thanks!
are you finding you are even using ET1? wise use if HE and Aux2Sif you should not be hitting ET, and not screwing the cooldown on ST1, which if you pop with EP2S really give you a good shield regen
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03-02-2012, 05:57 PM
I changed things up and I am rocking this now for boffs


EPtW1, RSP1, EPtS3, ES3

ST1, HE2

With this, I am planning on switching to FOW1 and maybe 2 also with either TT1, BO2, or APB1

My engineers I can rotate to switch ETS3 for EWP2 for added debuff. I have tried DEM and few times now and find it lack luster.

I am considering EPtA1 for boost during heals and possibly APtID2 for Speed/turn buff.

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