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Lt. Commander
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03-02-2012, 08:04 PM
Front Weapons: 2 Spiral Wave Disruptors ~ & 2 Borg Photon Torpedo Launchers XI
Rear Weapons: 2 Spiral Wave Disruptors ~ & 2 Borg Photon Torpedo Launchers XI
Borg Deflector
Borg Engine
MACO XI Shield
Engineering Console: Antimatter Spread, Point Defense System, Electroceramic Hull Plating XI, Neutronium Alloy XI
Science Console: Biofunction Monitor XI, Field Generator XI
Tactical Console Assimilated Module, Disruptor Induction Coil XI, Photon Detonation Assembly XI
Devices: Red Matter Capicator, Subspace Field Modulator, +Battery/Scorpion Fighters, +Deployable Turret

Commander Engineer BO: E-Power To Shields 1, E-Power To Shields 2, Aux To Structural 2, Boarding Party 3
Lieutenant Engineer BO: Engineering Team 1, Boarding Party 1
Ensign Science BO: Polarize Hull 1
Lieutenant Commander Tactical BO: Beam Array Fire At Will 1, Torpedo Spread 2, Torpedo High Yeild 3
Lieutenant Universal (Tac): Tactical Team 1, Beam Array Fire At Will 2

3 X Green (or Blue) Projectile Weapon Officers - Reduces Recharge On Torpedo Weapons
1 X Blue Maintanance Officer - Reduces recharge on Engineering Team
1 X Purple Flight Deck Officer - 33% Chance To Double Number Of Boarding Party Shuttles

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