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# 141 The Naked Time
05-13-2010, 08:37 PM
There are alot of great quotes in the Naked time episode.. just rewatched it...
While O'Reilly is the reason I remembered it and almost chose his Icon, Uhura had the best, in my opinion.

O'Reilly after Scotty opens the door to engineering and Kirk runs in and spins his chair. "No dance tonight"

Sulu on the bridge swashbucling responds to Uhura trying to calm him down.
Sulu "I'll protect you, fair maiden"
Uhura, pushing away, "Sorry, Neither!"
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# 142
05-13-2010, 10:08 PM
Everything Data says in this scene.
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# 143
05-19-2010, 03:11 AM
I got reminded of some more great quotes just a few minutes ago:

"I told you: you're dead, this is the afterlife... and I'm God."
"You are not God!"
"Blasphemy! I should cast you out or smite you or something."
"No... I'm not dead. Because I refuse to believe that the afterlife is run by you. The universe is not so badly designed!"
-Q and Picard, Tapestry

"... morning, darling."
-Q to Picard, in the worst scene to ever see by itself without any context whatsoever, Tapestry

"Indeed, gentlemen. May I point out that I had an opportunity to study your counterparts here quite closely. They were brutal, savage, unprincipled, uncivilized, treacherous... in every way, splendid examples of homosapians. The very flower of humanity. I found them quite refreshing."
"I'm not sure, but I think we've been insulted."
"I'm sure."
-Spock, Kirk, and McCoy, Mirror, Mirror
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# 144
03-02-2012, 06:50 PM
Come to Quarks, Quarks is fun, come right now, dont walk...RUN! - Ad for Quarks Bar

If this isn't fixed by the time i get back, i will come to Quarks, and believe me, I WILL have fun - Kira in response to Ad

Let's make sure history never forgets the name Enterprise

and really, has no one ever wondered how this limerick ended?

There was a young woman from Venus, Who's body was shaped like a THANK YOU MR.DATA

Computer, compute to the last digit the value of pi

Let us begin. Let the circle not be broken. Concentrate upon the flame which burns upon the altar of truth.
Yes, there is something here. Something terrible. I feel its presence. Fear, anger, hatred. Anger feeds the flame. Oh! Oh! There is evil here. Monstrous, terrible evil. Consuming hunger. Hatred of all that lives. Hatred of women. A hunger that never dies. It is strong, overpowering. An ancient terror. It has a name. Beratis, Kesla, Redjac! Devouring all life, all light. A hunger that will never die! Redjac! Redjac!
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# 145
03-02-2012, 06:57 PM
and dont forget

Tea, Earl Grey, Hot
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# 146
03-02-2012, 10:53 PM
EMH Mk2: "But were are not... Equipped."

EMH MK1: "Lets just say I made some.. enhancments to my program."

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