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I have been using rally/way points for my AWAY Team forever, but since the day before yesterday it seems to be bugged.

I just can't make my away team stay in a position anymore.

I click the down arrow for all of them to stay in a spot and try to set the point, but it won't click. The arrow pointer icon comes up, but it just won't set to activate. Won't work setting them by individual Boff either.

Been like this now two days now.

Can't say for sure, but I am highly suspicious it was a result of the patch.

In addition to that problem I may as well metion another issue that has come up that is likely patch related.

The Ground HUD will not maintain its programed version anymore. Everytime you have to go through a cut screen it resets it to display version 3 whereas I use the display version 2 as I only use 20 HUD slots for ground and have no need for 30.

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