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Okay, this is an idea thats been floating in my brain for the past few weeks since DoFFs came out.
I think that at the moment my VA on my primary should be doing more than just running a ship he needs to be doing Admirally things like running a fleet or taskforce so this is my sketchy idea for a Fleet Operations System.

Fleet Operations System

• Mini game like Duty Officers for those players ranked Admiral or above.
• Involves assigning Captains to ships and ships to missions.
• Can promote Bridge Officers to be Commanding officers of ships

• Ships:
Tier 1: Maybe commanded by Lieutenant and up
Tier 2: Maybe commanded by Lieutenant Commander and up
Tier 3: Maybe commanded by Commander and up
Tier 4+: Maybe commanded by Captain.

• Commanding officers:
Can be appointed from Bridge Officers
Will have skills/traits like DOFFs
Will have rarity etc.
Core professions – Tactical, Engineering, Science
Both rarity and skills affect the success rate.

• Mission Types:
Medical Emergency
Tactical Engagement
Fleet Action
Frontline Action
Escort Convoy Duty
Planetary Defence
Maintenance of Starbase, Array, Facility
Plunder (Klingon)
First Contact

• Missions take longer, upwards of 24 hours
• Can assign multiple ships to missions like in DoFF system
• Max number of available ships capped at say 20
• Ship type will affect mission outcome – ie sending a Miranda to evac a whole starbase won’t be likely to succeed.
• Ships can be damaged and it will cost for them to be repaired. Repair takes them off active roster. Can remain on Active roster but will have reduced efficiency.
• Rewards – always difficult. I would use Dilithium as primary reward that can be used to purchase new ships for roster, new commanding officers to assign and perhaps some kind of Command EXP

As you can see this is very rough. But I d be interested in ideas and feedback.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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03-03-2012, 09:35 AM
I actually like this idea. While mini-games should not be the end all and be all of end game I think this one is very appropriate.


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