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# 1 It's time I found a fleet
03-03-2012, 11:40 AM
I'm an EST time zone player, evenings and night mostly.

A little bit about me: I'm interested in a fleet that can complete elite STF options and crystalline entity. I'm sick of public queues that can't even come close in STFs, and crystalline entity public queues are unmentionable. When you get a good STF team it's a beautiful thing, but more often than not you don't get that great a team.

I'm NOT interested in vent or teamspeak. I'm a typer. I've tried the teamspeak thing before, and it's too disorienting and distracting for a guy like me who's gamed for decades with only typing. Hey, we raided in EQ and PvPed in **** without teamspeak, so any notion that it's "necessary" is false to me , and for me personally it screws me up. I'm so used to typing and reading, and a real voice messes me up (literally messes me up. I make mistakes in game and can't concentrate).

I'm an engineer in a fleet escort currently, but want to try the dreadnought or maybe the new c-store odyssey. I actually prefer ground STFs over space (odd right?). I'm grinding for that prototype tech with zero luck so far.

Roleplaying is optional. I've found that roleplaying in games is often just standing around making up stories, rather than acting as your character or pretending you're part of the game's world. Standing around on bridges telling stories is not my cup of tea.

PvP - hmm. Never tried it in this game. Haven't seen the point. At least in games like WoW or **** PvP had some purpose, whether it's objectives or PvP gear or bonuses for your faction.

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