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# 1 Clearing Injuries
03-03-2012, 11:47 AM
The current clearing injuries method is very clumsy. First you have to bring up your status window, select "injured", then an injury, then click on the pop-up that asks you how many you want to heal- even if there is only one. It isn't a huge deal in the regular advanced/elite PvE missions, other than being annoying, but when it comes to the elite STFs, it is even more annoying and can become problematic. On some of the runs, every second can count for the optional (*cough* infected ground *cough*), and spending ten seconds clearing injuries is highly frustrating. I don't know if current tech allows it, but something like being able to right click on the injury icon and selecting "heal" would be nice. Otherwise, allowing an option to keybind directly to the "heal screen", and taking out that extra "how many..." would be nice.

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