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I logged in when they did the new patch (latest episode introducing the city after DS9 was taken over), and I was on my Vice Admiral (jarhead), and I logged for abit, I got a new PC and logged in, to test how well it would be in STO... to find... EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING (even ALL C-Store done services such as ferengi, Caitian, etc unlocks) IS ALL GONE!! PWE I WANT All my stuff back! I paid money into this game, I was a subscriber (for a period of time)... I deserve that you guys restore EVERYTHING to how it was before YOU GUYS BORKED IT! (Im keeping the language clean), if its a severe error and lack of judgement on your part, I deserve restitution of my characters and everything associated with them, complete restoration... whats worse, I have a hard time trying to get everything I can in order on my side, but your log in system is not only ineffective, but confusing, demanding cryptic players to use PWE Accounts? No!! Because its asking to make a entirely NEW Account which means you dont have anything

Stop messing around and fix the mess you guys made!!

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