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# 1 What's up with ground PVP now?
03-04-2012, 06:00 AM
Seriously, I'm tired of running into nothing but caitian tacticals with operative kits. And this post isn't inspired by just one occassion, but literally fifteen seperate instances where caitian operatives have just blown my mind, apparrently both figuratively and literally.

I guess I'm just absolutely bloody mad but I actually sort of liked ground combat in STO since it's inception, not as much as space mind, but it was always an enjoyable minigame. I decided to give pvp there another whirl for the first time since forever, and as much as I enjoy the new way GC's done, I can't say I'm impressed with the pvp.

So apparrently the optimal thing to do is roll a Caitian tactical with covert, pounce (Back to back dropkicks ahoy) and lucky or something and rock the operative kit with your gamma quadrant tribble to the point where you can see everyone (Even the cloaked ones, thanks to that +15% perception) and nobody can see you because you're covert. If they DO somehow manage to see you, that's what the federation type 3 phaser and it's -50% runspeed attached to the primary fire is for, and the fact that you can jump so high you can get basically anywhere.

It's not like tactical kits haven't used operative ever since @Uncalm and I figured out it was hilarious fun to decloak alpha someone sometime during open beta, and possibly even before that, but we used sniper rifles for the knockdown stun as it wasn't possible to one-shot people.

I dug out my fed tactical who I haven't played since forever and gave her a MkXII pulsewave with a pair of damage modifiers, jumped into a game and walked up behind some unsuspecting SoB in full mkXI STF gear, decloaked and rapidly smashed my face agaisnt the keyboard to use ambush, strategies, optics, fire on my mark and strike team within 1 second and then shot him for upwards of a thousand damage, putting 700 through his shield and instantly killing him before he had any chance to react. Just a bit ridiculous, I thought, and way easier than it used to be before the operative kit was 'nerfed'.

((Apparrently sci/medics can, with good enough armor, survive just barely by immediately using medical tricorder for the damage resistance buff right as you decloak. However, using tactical initiative sets your pulsewave secondary fire from 8 seconds to 2-3, so you can simply dropkick him and shoot again before he can do another heal.))

It's a lot of cooldowns, but then you can just run off and hide unless you're fighting Caitians, whom you can't hide from. So... Anything I should know, oh great PVP open? I'm tempted to put 'Caitians' under federation pay2win consoles, as I was going to roll one but remembered they're faction-specific. :p

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