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# 1 Assault Cruiser Build
03-04-2012, 08:52 AM
Okay guys, I've got an Assault Cruiser and wouldn't mind knowing some setup suggestions. Because of the somewhat poor turn-rate (when compared to escorts at least) I've set her up more as a 'beam-boat'.

Currently, she's set up as follows:

Weapons (Fore):
- Type X Phaser Array x3
- Type X Quantum Torpedo x1

Weapons (Aft):
- Type X Phaser Array x3
- Type X Quantum Torpedo x1

- Type X Positron Deflector Array
- Type VII Hyper-Impulse Engines
- Type X Shield Array

Engineering Consoles:
- Type X SIF Generator
- Type X Plasma Distribution Manifold
- Type X Parametallic Hull Plating
- Type X Ablative Hull Armour

Science Consoles:
- Type X Power Insulator
- Type X Particle Generator

Tactical Consoles:
- Type X Zero Point Quantum Chamber
- Type X Directed Energy Distribution Manifold
- Type X Phaser Relay

*colours represent that displayed with item. Suffice to say, I still don't feel like I'm getting the best out of this ship, thus recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Reasons for such would be nice too.

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