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03-05-2012, 05:18 AM
Torpedo boats are teh Bread and Butter of the B'rel-R.
I use a wide assortment myself but will put the RF transphasic to the test to see how they work.
I play it from Science Toon.
I also use the Breen Shields and Engines to get the +30% Kinetic damage boost with Borg Deflector and the UniBorg console, (3) Kinetic boost consoles, (2) nuetronium alloys, a Jumper console, SHield Generator, SHield Field Amplifier, and a GpG.

You can stack in (3) DOffs that lower the CDs of Torpedo (the latest FE gives a Blue DOff), run at 25 weapons power, High SHields and High Aux and be a Torpedo kill boat and a light healer for Ker'rat level PvP.

My curiuosity (and yet untested ) is does the 3-second decloak allow enough time for Energy weapons to fire?

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