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Captain's Log,

Our Science teams have found a way to use our deflector array to create an Inverse Graviton Surge, which we hope will open a funnel that will allow us to escape this void. We have offered to transport anyone from The Complex who wished to return to normal space.
Captain Koth Divvur walked onto the bridge heading towards his command chair.

“Captain, approximately one-third of The Complex's population have taken us up on our offer. We have had to convert a couple of the cargo bays into somewhere for them to stay for the journey.” Lieutenant M'karr said.
“So few? I had expected more of them to want to escape this place.” the Captain responded as he sunk into his chair.
“Many of the people were born here, they don't know anything else.” the security chief responded.

Divvur didn't remain in his chair long, too eager to glance over shoulders and see how the preparations for the Inverse Graviton Surge were going. A short while later they were ready, the preparations being coordinated by Alliance at the Operations console.

“Diverting auxiliary power to the deflector dish,” the former Borg said in passing, her eyes focused on the console as her fingers reassigned power distribution across the entirety of the Odyssey class USS Bastion .
“We are being hailed by The Complex Captain,” M'karr reported.
“I'm sorry to see you attempt this Captain,” the Arbiter said. “We have achieved something spectacular here. While the rest of the galaxy is at war we have found a way to work together in peace.”
“I'm sorry Arbiter, but I will not willingly strand this crew in darkness,”
“Then at least return our people, our society will struggle to survive without them.”
“We have already supplied you with some provisions, but those people in our cargo bays want to rejoin the galaxy, I intend to let them make that choice.
“The you leave us with no choice Captain,” Arbiter Kayron finished and cut the transmission.

“Several vessels have detached from The Complex Captain, they are heading towards us.” Lieutenant M'karr reported. A few seconds later the USS Bastion started shaking as the vessels opened fire.
“It will take us approximately 122 seconds to open the funnel Captain,” Alliance reported.
“M'Karr, return fire, but try not to damage them to heavily,” Divvur asked his Security Chief, who was manning the Tactical console. The Tyrellian Captain moved behind the Lieutenant and noted that the Caitian was targeting the enemy ship's engines. With reduced manoeuvrability the ships were unable to bring their primary weapon systems to bear on the Bastion.
“I have disabled all but one of the ships Captain, the remaining ship is of Gorn configuration and has a relatively modern multiphasic shielding that is making it hard to target at such short range.”
“Ssthalst,” Divvur said, realising that the Gorn was perhaps fanatical enough about this void dwelling society to be an extreme danger to his ship. As he did so he saw the ship turn to face the USS Bastion on the viewscreen, but their weapon's weren't firing. Behind the ship space was beginning to distort as the Deflector Dish started to generate a funnel for the Odyssey Class ship to use. However, the Gorn vessel was heading straight towards the dish, it was on a collision course.

As Captain Divvur started to shout for 'Evasive Manoeuvres' instantly looked towards the helm console, but the helmsman, his face turning white with panic, was looking at a blacked out console. Helm controls were offline. However, the Bastion started to dip, and as Divvur shifted his eyes towards the Operations console he understood what was happening. Alliance had interfaced with the USS Bastion using her Borg implants, just as she had on the USS Alliance many years earlier. The ship was dipping because she was thinking it to do so. She was controlling the Bastion as if it were a part of her own body. On the viewscreen he saw the Gorn vessel about to hit the ship and braced himself against a railing. There was no impact. Instead the camera angle changed to a rear view and the Captain saw the small ship fly out at maximum speed between the nacelles. Alliance had manoeuvred the Odyssey Class ship so that the Gorn had passed between the starship's twin necks.

Captain Divvur gave a sigh of relief, but then found himself thrown onto the deck plate as the ship vibrated violently. The USS Bastion had entered the funnel and was heading out of the void.

As the Captain lifted himself up he saw darkness. The lights had gone in the bridge and the consoles were dark. The viewscreen was also offline but yet there was still a little bit of illumination coming from somewhere, perhaps not noticeable to a human's eyes but enough for the Tyrellian's vision to pick up. Divvur looked up to the overhead window to see where this light was coming from and his vision was greeted by small dots of white, twinkling in the distance.

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