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# 1 Count your crew!
03-05-2012, 03:59 PM
Hello, today I decided to count my boffs and doffs and look how the different species are represented on my Federation starship. Here is the current state of things, I excluded colonists, prisoners and refugees. Now I'm interested what other captain's crews look like.

Humans: 71
Vulcans: 31
Andorians: 17
Tellarites: 15
Caitians: 9
Benzites: 8
Photonics: 7
Bolians: 6
Orions: 6
Trill: 6
Ferengi: 5
Gorn: 5
Jem'hadar: 5
Saurian: 5
Deltans: 4
Liberated Borg: 4
El-Aurians: 3
Klingons: 3
Nausicaans: 3
Rigelians: 3
Vorta: 3
Betazoid: 2
Breen: 2
Deferi: 2
Exocomps: 2
Romulan: 2
Aenar: 1
Androids: 1
Bajorans: 1
Cardassians: 1
Hirogen: 1
Reman: 1

I have to admit, I was surprised by the number of humans, I thought I had more Vulcans. It seems that on the Federation side the 4 founder races come up the most.

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