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# 1 Nebula heal build
03-05-2012, 04:25 PM
Ok, this is my build, any pointers or criticism, I'm sure we know the drill!:p

This is with an engineer, I'm running aux at max with the rest at minimum, the spare going to engines or weapons as the situation dictates.

Lt Tac: TT1, HYT2
Lt Cmdr Eng: EPTS1, RSP1, Extend 2
Uni Lt (eng): EPTS1, Aux2SIF1
Cmdr Sci: TSS1, HE2, ST1, TBR3
Ens Sci: TSS1

I did have engineering team 2 instead of Aux2SIF, but I found having all three "teams" clashed on the cooldowns a little. I can't heal as much hull at once, but i can do it more often, and I can do a big flash heal with ST3.

I'm running borg set with a Resilient Capx3 shield, and a torp with two beam arrays fore and aft. I am considering changing the ratio in favour of torps, am using quantums right now, but will hopefully aquire some decent photons soon to try. I've also got aux batteries so I can be at full aux straight off of full impulse if need be, and weapons batteries to lend a little weight to fire on targets that could pop soon.

With TSS, HE, Aux2sif, either ST or TT, and extend, I can heal somebody really quickly, but it means I'm not healing anything else for a short time. This can me a touch problematic as if I've "shot my wad" and their DPSers haven't, things can get a little untidy for the escorts relying on me for heals. I'm doing this with an engineering captain as I feel I'll have an easier time keeping it in one piece, so more of my heals can be dished out. That's the theory at least. It's performed well in pugs, but coming across a premade it was hard enough keeping myself alive for any appreciable time.

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