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03-06-2012, 03:45 AM
Originally Posted by Flynt_DoubleBrook
Transporter pads as doorways from one map to another (imagine that)
Originally Posted by Flynt_DoubleBrook
The ability to create cutscenes
These are 2 very welcome additions, should they decide to do so. I'm sure there are a ton of other great ideas in this thread, but I simply skipped to the last page. (yes, I actually went there.)

Originally Posted by ZeroNavigator
It gets very bad when your story wants you for example to go to map 1, then go to map 2, then go to map 3 and then if you need to return to map 2 you have to make a copy - map 2.1.
This troubles me. I haven't yet set up a foundry mission, but this would seem like a very large hassle.

On the "haven't yet set up a foundry mission" tip, can anyone point me to a thread on how to start one from the ground-up. When I say ground-up, I mean "how can I access the Foundry in the first place?"

Sorry, didn't mean to highjack the thread on that last part. I just need help, since I already wrote the mission and want to plop in the commands.

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