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03-06-2012, 06:46 AM
Priority Message from: Sean Livingston commanding officer U.S.S. Athabaskan
To: Starfleet command

Message reads:

I would just like to go on the record and say I appreciate all the support Command has given me in the last few months; I do wish that it wasnít all in the form of Officers from hostile races. Iím sitting on a powder keg right now and if it blows I donít know whatís going to happen.

I donít mind the Gorn or Orion, they both seem to be glad to have escaped the Klingon empire and sincerely want to help end the war. The Breen is always distant, quiet and cold, I think heíll remain loyal but only as long as itís in his best interest. And the Reman... well, I may be imagining it but I think heís trying to kill me in my sleep. Seriously, the guyís got mind bullets. Iím watching my back.

I had all that under control, but now youíre sending me a JemíHadar? Seriously? Granted the Vorta ordered him to be loyal until death, but I have no idea how the rest of the crew will react.

If things go south, I know I can count on the android to back me up (thanks for that by the way, went a long way to keeping order) but as tough as he is he canít take the entire bridge crew. I guess I can also count on the doctor, but Iím still waiting on the latest updates to give him emergency command subroutines.

Sooo... yeah, when you start hearing about a Sovereign in enemy hands, youíll know where they got it.

Iíll report in again after the issue with the dominion and DS9 is settled.

End message.


Just an FYI, the next time you create a super secret, ultra secure prison colony, you might want to hire guards or at least use ACTUAL drones so you donít loose complete control when the power goes out. You know, just a heads up.

End Message.

Seriously though Cryptic, thanks! I love the unique Boffs and canít wait for the final episode; itís going to be epic. That last episode has me hoping the special reward is a holographic security officer, it would be a shame if their shiny goodness went to waste.

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