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Hello, since I'm a completionist on my main character and wanted to find a use for my Jem'hadar BO I got the brilliant idea to Dominionize my Delta Flyer. Today I spent the time to replay Operation Gamma until I had all rewards. Being excited by the 1% cloak detection and my new Polaron weapon I tried it out in The Vault. Unfortunately there are a few problems with the Polaron array.

1) It is a episode reward but has the same quality as the standard weapons that come with a shuttle for free. With the Dominion Synergy buff and no phaser buffs the Mk XI rare shuttle phaser array from the vault still had 10 DPS more, in addition to the better proc and its other extras.
2) It seems that the polaron beam array uses the turret hard point of the Delta Flyer instead of the beam array hardpoints.
3) When using Beam: Fire at Will with the polaron array only the beams that hit the primary target were visible, the others had muzzle flash at best and were otherwise completely invisible.

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