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So in the next 5 or so hours from now I will be freezing to death while rushing home to play Mass Effect 3, fight back the reapers, and take back earth..

But this got me thinking. Who would Hypothetically would win if the Reapers invaded our universe. How would the united federation of planets handle themselves against a full on invasion. So for fun.. Who do you think will win, and how much damage would each side take... so lets get started. * Rings a boxing bell*

In this corner. We have the United Federation of Planets. Our heroes, Spanning 8,000 Light Years, 150 Member worlds, 1000 Colonies, and a military of over 30,000 ships ( or more, and don't forget the other factions that might or might not help )

Technology : Phased Energy weapons, High explosive Anti Mater torpedoes. Shield arrays, Matter transporters, various other Technology.

And in the invading corner.. They come from beyond the galactic rim. In the space between galaxies. they have destroyed all life in the galaxy many times over, and they are back for us.. They are the Reapers. These living machines have been around for 50 million years plus, and their exact numbers are unknown.

Technology : Shields, Molten metal cannons, and Indoctrination. ( the ability to control people )

So who will win.. Ready.. Fight

Ps. I know it might be one sided but lets have some fun shall we
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Join Date: Dec 2007
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# 2
03-06-2012, 01:12 AM
If the Federation can successfully bring enough firepower to bear to drop a Reaper's shields, it's game-over. They could just beam a quantum torpedo into the control cluster of the Reaper.
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# 3
03-06-2012, 01:19 AM
in mass effect 1 they got a small fleet together and took out a reaper. i believe the federation has more advanced weapons at this time and a larger fleet so id back the feds.
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# 4
03-06-2012, 03:46 AM
who are the reapers....

never heard of them, and never played the ME games,

i'll look at your links but my money is on the ST universe kicking can across the universe.
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# 5
03-06-2012, 09:53 AM
Federation, no contest. Thing to remember about Mass Effect's shields: They're kinetic barriers. They're built to stop a weapon coming in at high speed. Which is fine because most weapons in Mass Effect are mass drivers and railguns. They're less effective against explosives but not useless, and almost useless against directed energy weapons, which are very rare in the Mass Effect universe - even the Reapers primarily use mass drivers because of the prohibitive energy demands of beam weapons.

Now Star Trek weapons? Primarily directed energy and explosive. Defensively, they have several tools specifically designed to prevent high velocity objects from impacting their ships.

It'd be a bloodbath, Starfleet's losses probably wouldn't even be that severe. Now, in a surprise attack, the Reapers could inflict a lot of civilian casualties, but I doubt it would be any worse than the Breen or Xindi attacks on Earth.

The Reaper's only real advantage is speed, assuming the mass relay system is in place for this scenario. They only need traditional FTL travel for short range movements, the mass relays let them zip around the galaxy at speeds that would make the Borg jealous. They could potentially strike anywhere in the Federation with little warning, but destroying or blockading the relays would cripple that ability.

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