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03-06-2012, 12:38 PM
Originally Posted by warduke73 View Post
Could always use tractor repulsor and keep the target in your forward arc as you rip a hole in their hull.
You could, but as HY plasma and tricobalts / Bio-N are quite slow moving you will push them away from the torps. Plus most times I've been hit with that skill I could still turn on the spot to bring my fore weapons on the person doing it.

A TB would work, but you leave yourself exposed in a B'rel -R if you fired from cloak, as while the TB is up you have no shields.

Skills like energy drain leave a nice blue path to where you are, really the only fire and forget skills are gravity well, tykans rift or scamble + jam - any of those would work well with max aux and then you would recloak and fly off ready for your next victim

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