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Hey, folks. I was wondering if the human "mandatory" traits of Leadership and Teamwork are any good.

At first I thought they were really awesome-sounding. 20% boosts to repairs are nothing to scoff at, I could tell that as a brand new player. However, as a new (but no longer brand new) player, I can also say that I'm wondering how much benefit I'm going to be getting from these, particularly Leadership. It sounds like, from the forum comments, that the only benefit to Leadership is passive hull repairs, and those in general aren't that great in battle (especially when your crew gets kicked in the face whenever the ship is slightly nudged by an enemy).

This is a bit important to me, as I've got four Tactical toons I've put together (power-leveled them for the Odyssey mission), and two are human and two are alien, and I'm trying to decide which one to actually use. I'd like them to be human, but I'd rather not waste 1-2 trait slots, especially since I could probably just make the toon look human, set him Alien, and say he has a grandparent that was an alien or something.

Thanks for any help!

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