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Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
Ah, after perusing Memory Alpha I now realize that there is an Iconian tie to the Jem'Hadar as well.

"To The Death"

I really, really hope that was intentional in this episode...

Couple things on this post and the one before it.

On this post, your link goes to a page that there apparently is no article to. Got another reference?

As for the genetic engineering being "perfect" you have to understand the philosophy behind what the Founders did and why they did it. That will help you to understand why them turning on the Founder was way off.

The Founders genetically engineered the Jem'Hadar to be obedient and think of them of Gods from birth. That has been displayed in every episode regarding the Jem'Hadar and their discussions of their "Gods" the Founders. When Quark found the baby Jem'Hadar in the wreckage and it grew up in those quick 3 days, it had never seen a Founder. Never been told ANYTHING about it's origins or history, but it "knew" that it fought for its Gods the Founders. It knows nothing else and has been given no reason to question that. That one even told Odo..."I have never met any others like you, but I know that you are not like them."

The reason they created the dependence on the "white" was to make sure that no Jem'Hadar ever would get the opportunity to question whether or not that obedience was based on truth. Think about it, if your "Gods" are providing you the only substance you need to survive, you're not going to question whether or not they are truly Gods if it means staking your life on it. You don't know how it comes into existence only other than your Gods mystically make it appear and provide it to you. Add to that the fact that they can change their appearance and have "god-like" powers, it's a pretty convincing story.

The same tactics have been used throughout our own cultures and civilizations, both past and present. Those with power will create and plant the seed that they are the only thing between life and death for their followers. They rule by providing the very things necessary for survival and creating the illusion that they are the only way that the people will ever receive those necessities. Food, clothing, shelter, etc., are the ones mainly seen throughout history. Ketracel White is just another example of the food they need to survive.

What makes them turning on a Founder so hard to believe is that there has yet to be a single "canon" example where the Jem'Hadar have grown to suspect that their "Gods" are anything but. No turning point where the audience could see, "oh, that just put a big hole in their whole God story." It was attempted many times, but failed to ever really work. Moving back to the game, there was nothing in that episode to convince anyone that they'd been given such a reason either. When the Founder said that she did not want excuses, the Jem'Hadar turned on her. In every episode where such a thing happened, the Jem'Hadar never turned on the Founder or on those protecting the Founder (i.e. other Jem'Hadar). They followed the Founder's orders and risked their lives to prove themselves "FOR" the Founders. The phrase "Victory is Life" is a battle cry that they are reclaiming their lives in the eyes of their Gods. How do they reclaim their lives by killing those around the Founder when that's the exact OPPOSITE of what the Founder wanted? Or threatening to kill the Founder because they couldn't have them?

It all comes down to plot holes and not understanding the subject matter. While a certain leeway has to be given considering the confines of the gaming world, the plot holes should not be one of them. Kneeing instead of bowing is an example of leeway. It's minor in the grand scheme of things. Not understanding that what happened in that mission would NEVER have happened without a specific event triggering it (an event they didn't supply) is not worthy of leeway. It's just bad storytelling. Something I hope the people working on these episodes can see from our comments and, more importantly, the people pushing them to get this stuff out to us in the poor quality that they are can see as well.

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