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I only wanted to give a feedback in another part of the Forum, but only can post here... o.O

Feedback: I real like the idea and construction of the game. Good story, good build of system (skill system). Hud Display selfmoved with ESC! And many facts more they are very good constructed! RESPECT!


1. You play in Space and you can not fly/drive in full 3D? Did i miss the 3D fly patch? That is real the only part I dislike. ^^
Would be very usefull to fly in full 3D or since when a simulator only allow you to fly in up and down (45 and -45?) Hope that this last "problem" will be get a Update Want to fly lopings and spirals like in any other simulator for flying or space.

2. Support / Technical
I would like to get the full client for playing, have the problem that i can not permanent loading high amounts of updates (little ones) when i zone to another part of a system / playfield. When i'm not at home i only have a special volume for the month. So after the patch on 3. march (or near) i stoped play cause of the the patch. Have to wait for go home.
To load the patch only would be not the problem, but the permanent load of little patches while you are playing is a problem for me. Is there a full client with FULL patching for all changes they made? So i can get a good base at home for future gaming.

@ Admins
Please move this post (or special parts) to the based forum parts and delete the start of "x - log out home" part. (It isn't needed anymore in another part of the forum.) Thx for help and support.
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03-06-2012, 05:09 PM
For 2, when you launch the client but before logging in, click 'Options' on the upper right, then check 'Disable on-demand patching' and hit OK. It will then load all the updates at the start, instead of little bits as you need them.

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