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03-07-2012, 01:32 PM
Originally Posted by TonyEx
Yeah, absolutely! I would buy an AC + 1 in a heartbeat myself. I'd hope they forego a special console and just make it more nimble & have a lt. cmdr tactical slot.

Unfortunately, the RCS consoles are percentages, so slow-turning ships aren't helped nearly as much as fast-turning ships. It'd be nice if they have a floor on the improvement -- 35% turn rate or a minimum of 7 degrees per second. Something like that.
I think RCS consoles, or at least turn rates on cruisers, need an overhaul, myself.

I use the RCS to make the AC just bearable. Between my engines (Aegis or Borg), my engine power level, my impulse thruster skill, and one RCS console I manage to have just about 12 degrees per second. With a similar setup with my Ody I manage about 9.5 degrees per second (I think). Using more than one RCS would be a major waste, though.

While it may not make much of a difference numerically, and may be a poor use of a console slot, it's perceptually the difference between night and day and pulls the AC into the realm of "almost decent" turn rate whereas, with the Ody, it's "bearable if I grit my teeth." I think a stock Ody turn rate would have me bashing my head into the desk.

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