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I have a few options right now.

Should I go with MK 12 MACO Shield + Deflector + borg engine and console? Or MK 11 Omega deflector + engines + MK 12 MACO Shield with borg console.

I'm debating about the usefulness of the tetryon glider and the targetting system upgrade with the omega set. Will the +16 be very significant? And is tet glider worth it right now with the nerf coming up? I primarily do PvE like elite stf.

It seems like I get more survivability with the MACO + borg, but omega seems to do more damage, but how much more will it do exactly?

And a side question: Would the Omega deflector+engine work well in a 8x beam boat odyssey? I might get the polarized tetryon beam banks to go along with it, would that be a good idea?


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