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# 1 Perma Mute in Global Channel
03-08-2012, 11:08 AM
Okay, with me being a silver player, I relies I am not important enough to earn a GM's time. I do happen to be in an admin position in a large fleet. Roughly 200 members. We have a global channel that we use to keep every one informed of what is going on and to just socialize. That is why most of us play a MMO in the first place. I had to mute some one two weeks ago... now they are on perma mute. I have submitted two requests for GM helps, the first one was week ago, and the second one was on Tuesday.

There is no way to lift this mute, we have even kicked the member from the channel and reinvited them back. Doesn't do any thing, they just return muted. Because of this, many of my officers no longer will mute any one because of the chance that they will be on perma mute. Basically, it is the same thing as being kicked from the fleet at that point. The player has already said they are looking for another fleet, so thats one gone any ways. I would just like to have the ability to maintain order in a chat channel again with out it being a kick from the fleet now. I was hoping that the chat channel maintenance would fix this.

In short, the global channels are broken.

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