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03-08-2012, 05:23 PM
Short Term:
Confirm everything on this list will happen by January 30th 2013.
Fix bugs, keep the players happy.

Mid Term:
This may be actually long term but I would like to see the Katana Class Light Patrol Carrier/Escort and the Eisenhower Heavy Cruiser/Carrier added into the game. I know i've heard complaints from the Klingon Faction about the Federation getting some carriers so make it far and give them a new free to play carrier a battle cloak! That will be totally unfair but I dont care so long as I have a carrier.

The Katana would be nice for Tactical captains the specs from what I'm going off of is a single hanger bay for fighters in the aft as well as 3 aft weapons and 4 forward as well as a shuttle bay capable of deploying Danube class runabouts in offensive manner. The Katana in the books and fan fictions i've read seems to have it filling the long range reconnaissance and patrol mindset hence the larger hanger bay with runabouts.

As for the Eisenhower its alot less know but it would be either Engineering Captain favored, worse turn rate than anything in game yet but with two forward fighter bays and an aft fighter bay as well as the capability to deploy heavy troop transports it would be the federations main planetary assault carrier. I believe it should only have 3 forward and 2 aft. The Eisenhower in the fan fictions i've read and books usually fills the role of arriving with a fleet at an occupied planet, helping punch through the enemy fleet and then launching troop transports filled with MACO's to capture the surface.

These carriers would be rank ships for whatever is coming after Vice Admiral, I'm guessing season 6 should raise the cap to level 60? I know there may/ may not be problems with CBS in getting licenses for these ships (if you need to), and I'm guessing thats why some ships have been cancelled/postponed.

Long Term:

KEEP THE STORY GOING!!! The story line so far has been amazing to me and I cannot wait for more! I will admit I have two problems:

A. The interior of my ship is useless and there have been no missions there. I'd like more license to decorate my interior of my ship (especially the captains quarter). When I send my doffs on maintenance missions inside my ship i'd like to see them actually working on my ship.
Lets say you add a feature episode or a short mini series or something where there has been a recent outbreak of plagueon your ship or amysterious disappearance on your ship and something is keeping you from beaming off. Heck if you were really crazy you could have my ship swarmed by tribbles and the end reward some really cool king tribble. Even something as simple as that would be nice.

B. To many missions where all you are doing is killing stuff. Less killing stuff, save that for the Klingons, I'm with the Federation I want more exploration, more meet and greet, more sitting at a table and being a diplomat. I don't mind the senseless slaughter especially sense the federation is at war with the Klingon's, Borg, and the Breen. But a little more exploration and diplomacy, maybe some detective work would be nice.

And as always we all say this: Fix the bugs and add more content. But just staring at that to do list( if you forgot about it here it is: you have plenty on your plate to keep up for promises..just thought I'd add some ideas.

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