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Okay, I just bought my T5 Fleet Escort last night and I am playing around with my build...the U.S.S. Terminus Est (I'm a 40k fan, my AC is the U.S.S. Phalanx, and my Odyssey is the U.S.S. Bucephalus). I am torn though from an Engineer stand point if I should be going burst damage or sustained...Dual canons or Heavy canons essentially. Also, what energy type for a Fleet Escort is going to work better? I was looking at Tetryons (which I have full of on my AC) or Disruptors.

Here is what I have envisioned so far, I wont post my current build as it has missing gaps:

U.S.S. Terminus Est
Fore: all MK XI
2x DC Disrupt and either 1x Cannon Disrupt with 1x Quantum Torp OR 3x DHC Disrupt 1x Quantum Torp
Aft: all MK XI
3x Disrupt Turret with possibly either dropping one turret for a quantum mine or torp

Very rare Shield covarient x2 cap MK XI
Very rare Positron Deflector MK XI

Tac Console:
4x Disruptor +dmg (or tetryon if I go that route)

Engineer Console:
1 RCS Turn, 1 Armor resist, 1 Shield power console

+35% Shield cap, +13% Shield regen

Tac Lt Cmd: TT1, APB1, RF2
Tac Cmd: HY1, RF1, APB2, APOmega2

Eng Lt: EPtS 1, ET2
Eng En: EPtS1

Sci Lt: ST1, HE2

So thoughts so far? Should I be going 3x Dual heavy cannons on this boat and then rocking disruptors or tetryons? Thanks for any help you can give.

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