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# 1 Galaxy-X or Excelsior?
03-09-2012, 04:15 AM
Galaxy-X or Excelsior?

I’m a Tactical Captain; and I have been running around in a T5 Nebula for a few weeks, It’s a nice ship in allot of ways, quite manoeuvrable, good defensive abilities (Universal Lt. BOff > Eng), but the damage output is just well…… pathetic, it’s time for an upgrade.

So, considering I don’t want to give up all the lovely survivability, but would like some more damage output, I’m considering the ‘damage orientated’ Cruisers. Now ideally I would want a Galor Class, but considering I do not have anywhere near the 80million EC needed to pick one up, the chances of getting a gold lock box AND it containing a Galor is remote-to-none-existent.

It would seem like my options are the Galaxy-X or the Excelsior. Considering the BOff layouts of both, I would probably run something like the below.


Lt. Cmd. Eng. – EPtW1, ET2, EPtS3
Cmd. Eng. – EPtW1, RSP1, EPtS3, DEM3,
Lt. Tac. – BO1, HYT2,
Ens. Tac. – BO1,
Lt. Sci. – HE1, ST2,


Ens. Eng. – ET1,
Lt. Eng. – EPtW1, EPtS2,
Cmd. Eng. – EPTW1, EPtS2, RSP2, DEM3,
Lt. Cmd. Tac. – BO1, HYT2, APO1,
Lt. Sci. – HE1, ST2,

The Excelsior has a base turn rate of 8, while the Galaxy-X has a turn of 6, the Galaxy-X has more Crew and slightly higher defence as you can run EPtS3 instead of EPtS2. The Galaxy-X (imo) also has a much nicer model in game. Assuming I use an RCS module in the ‘extra’ Engineering slot (over the Nebula), I’m guessing the turn rates would be almost the same as would the inertia.

I suppose the real question is, I appreciate the turn rate is noticeable, but is it really a deciding factor? I would guess you are still not going to be able to run circles around anything, and you will still be using a general broadside strategy with 250deg Beam Arrays. Your alpha damage will be higher in the Galaxy-X as you have the bonus from Cloak and the Phaser Lance, while you are more likely to be able to use THY2 on the Excelsior more due to the ability to turn your ‘nose’ in.

God-damn it, I want a Galor!

Lt. Eng. – EptW1, EPtS2,
Cmd. Eng. – EptW1, EPtS2, RSP2, DEM3,
Lt. Cmd. Tac. – BO1, HYT2, APO1,
Lt. Uni. Tac. – BOT1, THY2,
Ens. Sci. – HE1

Am I overlooking something?

P.S anyone willing to sell me a nice new shiney Galor class for real money?
Lt. Commander
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# 2
03-09-2012, 11:20 AM
depends on your style of play. the galaxy turns like a bus in 3 feet of mud. it does have the phaser lance, which seems to not be all that.
side by side:

both have 4x4 weapons, the galaxy can mount dual cannons and the lance. console slots are the same, it gets interesting in BOFF layout, the Excelsior gives you 1 lcdr slot, the galaxy a lt and a ens. and the eng side the excelsior has lcdr lt ens slots the gal has crd and lcdr.

i was gonna post a table but ti didnt come out right

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