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I thought I'd give some feedback on my experience with "Boldly They Rode" and the whole "2800" series in general now that it's complete. Let's start with the most recent featured episode:

Boldly They Rode
This is probably the most exciting installment in this featured episode series. It's a great way to put the series to bed with a very action-oriented endgame. The EVA on DS9's hull was interesting; a definite change of pace that the game needed and holds up well. Movement is very realistic, with no running or jumping (since doing so would risk flying off into space). While this easily could have made this part of the mission a chore to get through, the ability to use your thrusters to maneuver to different NAV points makes up for the loss of running ability.

I wasn't too fond of the Bird of Prey crashing into the station's hull; aside from the fact that there is no way that could happen the way it was depicted in an actual zero-gravity environment, it just seemed to make the external EVA longer than it needed to be. You've already got sensors and isoleniar rods (as they're called in Cardassian stations) to re-route, and electro-static discharges to dodge. Combine these things with the relatively slow pace of the EVA and I think my point is easy to see. I will concede though that it made for some very nice visuals.

The fight inside the station can be frustrating at times. You can only fire your weapon when you have the Jem'Hadar targeted and he's not shrouded! Hopefully this can be fixed because otherwise the interior combat would be solid.

The fleet battle is much better and is a pretty by the numbers affair. It was nice to finally get some good space combat, something which this series didn't seem to focus on too much.

Finally we get to beam down to DS9 and talk to some of the major NPC's of this series. The dialog with Kurland and Loris is fairly routine, but I was looking forward to talking to Captain Shon of the new Enterprise. Apparently he survived the last episode! That was unexpected considering how the Belfast went out in "Facility 4028"; but the beauty of this plot twist being in a game rather than a TV episode is that it can easily be fixed. Anyways, I was hoping to see some information on what happened to the Enterprise-E, but unfortunately we don't. Hopefully we'll get some answers about that in the future.

I was satisfied with the Female Changeling's voice in this installment. As I noted in my review for "Facility 4028," the voice over for the Female Changeling was just too far off from Salome Jen's (the original DS9 actress who played the role). Thankfully, in this episode the voice sounds much closer to the original. It's not a carbon copy, but it's close enough. The Jem'Hadar's behavior is also much more satisfactory. This is how renegade Jem'Hadar behave! Nicely done.

Overall, not a bad little episode. Some minor details here and there that could be worked on in a future patch, but still a great ride.

The 2800 as a whole
So now that "The 2800" is complete, what is the final verdict? Well, it's definitely a satisfying end to the so-called 2011 Content Blackout. Four out of the five episodes of this series are solid with interesting game play and nice visuals. The series has everything from raw ship-to-ship combat, ground combat, a shuttle mission, and even a little diplomacy. Some may take these things for granted, but keep in mind that STO has faced criticism for having repetitive game play, even by MMO standards. The fact that "The 2800" obviously tries to break away from that is praise worthy. And lets not forget that this series blessed us with the stunning prison map from "Facility 4028."

It's not a perfect series though. The Dividian series is in no danger of loosing it's status as my personal favorite right now. There are plot holes here and there, and "Of Bajor" is outright boring and long-winded (funny coincidence that this is the problem with Deep Space Nine's worst episodes huh?). Still, the series offers some diverse game play, some very nice rewards, and a decent story line that will leave players satisfied.

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