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Hey guys.

Just a simple request for suggestions, tips and general help with setting up a good build for a Vo'quv/Carrier.

My main priority with the build would be survivability and healing (basically a support role).

Id love to get some feedback on basically everything from weapons, shields, engines and so forth to BoFF's and their abilities and even what is the 'better' class for carrier play.

Also as an afterthought what would be considored the 'best' carrier ship to use for the same purposes (I chose Vo'quv initially as it didn't cost C-Points and was easily obtainable but I can get the others if need be).

Also what combination of pets is considored best for the supportive role? Is it better to just go full DPS or do the healing drones come in handy/work.

Also as a last note what exactly do the commands do regarding the pets? Attack and return are pretty self explanatory but what does Intercept do in regards to the AI and what makes it different to attack?


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