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# 1 Vor'cha beam boat
03-09-2012, 07:32 PM
OK, after going through numerous threads, including the "dragoon flagship" thread in the fed fleet yards forum, I am leaning towards a beam boat (my experience has been tac / raptor $ escort, with a fed lv 47 eng / cruiser). This will be for some PvP, and normal STFs, mainly solo play otherwise

1)Benefits between Eng and TAC captain?
-Tac - Tactical initiative reduces CD on TAC skills
-ENG - Extra survivability, extra EPS skill, and train my own ENG BOFFS

2)IOther then 2xEPTS and 2xEPTW for content max weps and shields, what other eng skills would be recommended?
-EWP - extra dmg and slow the enemy
-Xtend shields - make the team happy
-A2SIF - hull heal

3) Skills
-Does SS Threat really do much in STFs?
-Does SS Subsystem Repair do much (I know more crew means faster repair)
These are the only skills suggested in the Dragoon Flagship builds that I am not too sure on

4) Any other threads that have good info on beam boats?
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# 2
03-10-2012, 05:58 AM
I don't see the need to run both EPtW and EPtS.

My Klingon flies a Raptor, but my Fed flys a Sovreign (Torp, 3x Beam Array Fore and Aft) so that's where my beam boat exp comes from. I run max power to weapons. I got 125 power there. I will never be in a situation where my weapon power drops to a point where it would be worth it for EPtW.

Unless you intend to run full power to shields... than buffing weapons with EPtW would make sense but I find it easier to go the other way. Especially because in Solo PVE I often don't need to even touch the EPtS at all.

A2SIF is only good with high Aux or popping batteries. I prefer Hazzard Emitter (with batteries)

What I run, Tac speaks for itself, swap whatever to what you prefer, Eng is all about survivability but I use 2 enemy debuffs in rotation. Aceton Beam and Boarding Party. My role is a tank in Elite STF, this is not a PVP build. To be Honest with the superior turning of a Vor'cha you may be better off running Torp, DC, SC, SC. at the front and 4 Turrets at the back.

Ensign - Tac Team 1
Lieutenant - Fire at Will 1, Topedo Spread 2

Lieutenant Commander - Emergency Power to Shields 1, Engineering Team 2, Direct Energy Modulation, Aceton Beam 3
Commander - Emergency Power to Shields 1, Boarding Party, Reverse Shield Polarity, (Extend Shield Strength as 4th skill in case I want to swap them around.)

Lieutenant - Polarize Hull 1, Hazzard Emitter 2 (STF's)


Lieutenant - Tractor Beam 1, Scramble Sensors 1 (Solo)


Lieutenant - Hazzard Emitter 1, Transfer Shield Strength (Healing)
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# 3
03-10-2012, 03:26 PM
Already an active Vor'cha Beam boat thread.
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# 4
03-10-2012, 05:07 PM
TY Warduke, saw it earlier but it didn't click. Ill post further comments / questions there.

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