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Morning everyone,

Looking for a little support here, I just signed in to see if the new weekly mission has been released yet and I find my ships installed inventory to be completely missing. No weapons, or consoles. Another thing I noticed is that my bank of almost 1.2 million energy credits has also disappeared. Looking for a little help from the public (those with similar problems) or a little help from the criptic staff. It would be nice to get these things back somehow....

everyone's favorite romulan...

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# 2
03-10-2012, 06:32 PM
Sounds like your account may have been 'hacked'... Follow these instructions...

Originally Posted by StormShade
Hey gang,

I just talked to our fabulous CS Team about this issue. Here's what to do:

1) Create an in-game GM Ticket, with the subject line "HACKED".

2) Do not play your hacked characters. We'll be rolling back the hacked characters as soon as the GM team gets to your ticket.

Please note: This does not mean we're doing a blanket roll back. If your account or character hasn't been hacked, there is no need to submit a ticket. Only accounts which have been victimized by these nefarious individuals need to submit tickets, and only those characters will be rolled back.

3) Please be patient, the GM team is working as quickly as possible. However it can take some time for them to get to your ticket.


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03-10-2012, 08:24 PM
thanks ill submit another

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