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# 1 Idea: Rerun Items
03-10-2012, 09:51 PM
Lol I know its INCREDIBLY too soon. But since we should be starting FE reruns eventually I thought it would be cool if we could brainstorm some items for the series we just ended. I have a few. that are listed below.

"Phased Quantum Torpedo Launcher"
"Phased Polaron Turret"
"Jam'Hadar Attack Stick"
"Spinal Beam Array [Acc]x2 [dmg]" [Us Galor Owners need ways to get more.]
"Cardassian Stun Beam Pistol"
"Jem'Hadar Fighters"[Ala Carde Scorpians with Pols and Quans. Shared cooldown. Except in KDF carriers].

What idea's do you have?
I hope people like J-Man, Geko and heretic check this out.

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