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As you can probably gather from my first post I was not impressed with this episode Problem is that a day later and im not playing the game its destroyed my will to play.

My intention was to log in and play it through again with a different toon who would use the full set of ship gear in some stf and maybe some pvp. I had planed to do this since last week and was looking forward to it but I just dont want to play that EVA bit again.

This derailing of my plans has made me stop and think about what I am trying to get out of this game and tbh I'm left with no desire to continue playing. Maybe its just burnout and bad timing that it coincides with the thought of having to do that completely boring and unenjoyable space walk again maybe not.

surely your QA told you thaat this EVA is like watching paint dry and that while it does have merit in regards to story should be short so as not to drag like it does. Great concept bad gameplay.

I am also compelled to bring up something I think is related to this episode that I heard on an 'extra credits' on game design. "If you think the difficulty (as a dev) is correct its probably way to hard" this I feel relates to the end ship battle and possibly to the ground combat not just in this episode but across most of the game. I really hope this is the case as it would explain allot.
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# 22
03-11-2012, 03:09 PM
The way they did the outside part of DS9 was nice.

For the gameplay though, kinda boring. Target..thrust... repeat a 100 times. The two puzzles were pretty simple. The inside combat could get a little challenging by walking into two squads of stealthed Jem Hadar. I just used one of my tactical kits and stealthed and bypassed that whole monotonous part on the second run through. I picked up the explosives from one of the crates which kills all but the boss and one other Hadar in Ops while you come in from in from behind in the Office. So killing the boss was easy.

The space part again was fairly easy. I did it with my Galaxy X so swatting the escorts away like flies was no problem and fighting the Jem Hadar dred was just buff and hit and distribute shields/heal shields. Again nothing new.

The final mission was probably the best of the series though. Overall the new FE was pretty much a snorefest.
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# 23
03-11-2012, 04:20 PM
How can you walk into them when they show up on your 'mini map' ? Keep an eye on the mini-map and there is no way you can get ambushed!
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03-11-2012, 04:30 PM
My feedback on the 2800 is this --

Nice writing, wonderful visuals. I absolutely loved Bajor and I really liked the visuals and background sounds in the prison facility.

The voice acting needs a lot of work. Some of the voice actors were spot on -- Kurland, for example was perfect. Some weren't. The vortas and the female changeling sounded as though either the actors or director had never bothered to actually watch Deep Space Nine and listen to the voice inflection that the original actors used. The Female changeling was much closer to the appropriate inflection in this last episode.

The computer voice in this last episode was very nicely done and a close aproximation to Majel Barret's.

There were a number of Team play bugs that were game stopping for us. At one point, I got stuck in a wall, and in the process of getting unstuck, my team and I ended up in different instances, and didn't get back into the same instance until we finally got onto the promenade.

Part of the issues with team play is that the conversations are not designed with a multiplayer focus in mind. When one person hits the final button, all the windows are closed for the whole team. This has been a continuing problem with multiplayer team play in STO, and is something I wish Cryptic would fix/change.

Overall, having new content and a new social zone is very much appreciated, and I'm looking forward to more.
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# 25 My feedback
03-11-2012, 06:50 PM
I was generally enthused by this series. the first couple were a litltle boring but the prison episode was ok,

I had high hopes for an exceptional experience this final episode. I was thoroughly let down.

Cons: The space walk was bugged and slow and boring

The space battle at the end was not epic or exciting...there was no lag or issues but it was just boring.

With all the ships blowinig up i would of loved to hear some voice overs. Warp Core going
critical..abandon ship...Much radio chatter

Inside Ds9 the mobs were bugged moving through the walls and getting stuck in the walls

In the Ops room there was no mobs (bug), I had to relog several times and then there were mobs

The named mob in Ops dissappeared 2 times and bugged out.

Pro: The rewards for one of the parts was nice a DOFF deck and a BO

Voice overs were ok.

In conclusion I feel that the episodic content fouund in the foundry is far sueprior to the episodic content released by the devs,

Some may say I am being harsh or over reacting. That is not entirely true. I want to like the content but it feels like they still are in the dark and not knowing what to do or that they do not play test it enough.

Score out of a possible 10 : 5
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# 26
03-11-2012, 06:51 PM
I enjoyed Boldly They Rode. It got frustrating midway through after the bird of pray crash, i went the wrong way following a different set of those beacons and ended up getting stuck behind some invisible wall that required a mission restart. Other than that, it was pretty good.

I also thought it was very nice of the Jem Hadar ship to park over top of me and wait 10 minutes for me as I figured out the chip puzzle to destroy it, rather that blow ME up.
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# 27
03-11-2012, 07:53 PM
As a self-confessed FTP n00b who had just made Captain in the Empire, 2800 was my first real episode, and I enjoyed it all.
It felt like a good balance of runnin', flyin', shootin' and testin' soil, and I have no complaints.

I thoroughly enjoyed the walk along the hull of DS9 and, despite the multicolored spaghetti that was the final space battle (in which I popped my clogs a couple of times while a) figuring out what the Enterprise was up to, and b) figuring out where the hell I was), all in all it was jolly satisfying. I learned a lot about ground combat and managed to experiment with my ship systems during the course of the episode, and I look forward to digging into the older content that I have missed.
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03-12-2012, 03:10 AM
Aside from the horrible space combat, and annoying iso-chip "mini-game" (i hate those) it was alright. The space part on Elite difficult is absurd, dieing in one hit to a massive quantum AoE directly after spawning and respawning from death, or if I managed to stay alive for 3 secs after respawning, getting tractor-ed to death for 7-8k a tick with full shields...
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# 29
03-12-2012, 03:45 AM
i loved this episode... the best i have played in the game yet.

sorry for my english)))
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# 30
03-15-2012, 01:56 AM
(Insert obligitory "Got stuck at Conference room in Second Wave" comment and over-reaction HERE.)

Seriously, I've wasted enough time even just thinking about the 2800, considering how little effort was apparently put into playtesting it. Seriously, Featured Episode?

Is that like the 'It's a feature, not a bug' type of Featured?


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