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# 1 Rate the Featured Episodes
03-12-2012, 04:33 AM
Rate each FE story arch and what you think the best episode of all was. This isn't meant to cause flames or BS. Just simply what FEs ppl like best and why.

For me this is easy..I played each FE as they were released and the spoilers for most were easy to avoid so they were full of cool surprises.

My Least to most fave:

Least fav The 2800. To me only a couple of the episodes were really fun. Of Bajor was, for me, simply a bore. The story was ok since we've had nothing new, but to me it felt rushed or forced, esp considering how long its been since we had an FE.

Next is The Breen. Overall I liked this series. I found all but 1 episode to be great.

Next is Cloaked Intentions. I felt this was well told and was just really fun. The interraction with the Reman was great as was the extra optional larts of each mission. The collisium episode was awesome.

My fave was by far The Devidians. For me, 2 episodes in this story arch had me spellbound. Playing "What lies Beneath" for Haloween was great. It was spooky and just so well done. The whole "bonnie-kins" thing had my skin crawling. Then there was "Everything Old is New". Oh man! What fun..going back to help Bones! For me easily some of the best writing STO has ever produced with maybe the Klingon Grethor mission being equal for me.

Which ones did you all like and why?

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