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::::Secure Starfleet Channel::::
::::Private Communicae to Potential Fleet Members::::
::::From the Office of Supreme Regent Janeway::::

Starfleet Peace Command is actively recruiting members and Senior Fleet Officer position(s). We are looking for serious and active RP players that will grow within and contribute to S.P.C.

Members are the building foundation of our fleet. Senior Fleet Officers advance throughout the fleet, increasing their expectations and responsibilities. You must have RP player background, able to follow protocols and procedures, willing to grow and learn while contributing to a great fleet, and serious about STO. All members must go through the correct channels/avenues for acceptance into S.P.C. (i.e. applications, interviews for Senior Fleet Officer position(s), contacting SR, VR, or Dept. Head of the dept. you are interested in, etc.)

Fleet Website:

Please apply with the link to our Fleet Application, and/or contact the correct Chain-of-Command officer. PLEASE click on the link "Fleet Application", fill it out completely, and attach it in an e-mail with "RECRUIT APPLICATION" in the subject line. Or you may find me in STO to work out sending arrangements and an interview.

Supreme Regent Janeway may be contacted at:
Vice Regent Hunter may be contacted at:

If you have any questions, please seek out/contact Supreme Regent Janeway (Founder/Leader) and/or Vice Regent Hunter (XO).

Thank you for your interest in S.P.C.!!! See you in the stars!

Peace and Defense!
SR Janeway
S.P.C. Fleet Admiral

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