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# 1 Becoming a better PVP Pilot
03-12-2012, 06:15 AM

I fly a tac escort retro with 3 cannons and 1 dbb (turrets in the back) - and I used to have the three cannons and 3 turrets in the back on autofire (not the DBB). So, everytime I hit the space bar - my intention was to only have the cannons and turrets fire, with the dual beam to be fire manually. This was not the case... as when I hit the spacebar all weapons fired.

So, I was checking the boards and was told to bind the cannons to my space bar and when I hit that - presto!

My question is, what is the purpose of autofire? I can't find anything on STOwiki...

Is there any way to set my cannons to fire to autofire, and fire them when i hit the space bar... and also, have that tray free to input commands? Or is that considered an "I win" button?

Any help would be appreciated.
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03-12-2012, 06:18 AM
It's best to not use autofire with all the AMS scrambles out there.
It will invetibly lead to embarassing moments when you vape a team mate. (hell that might happen without autofire on... but it definitely will with it on)

I just have the DBB on my fourth weapon slot so it's the last thing to fire, in my firing cycle. The game does do it procedural. And with the UI lag (that some how triggers long after you hit space bar) you'll notice a significant difference in the time between DBB firings.
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03-12-2012, 11:18 AM
This is a Thread that Husanak has posted this bind in..

Here is the bind he posted:
Originally Posted by Husanak View Post
I would consider first dumping auto fire... but ya simple answer you can't use a fire_all command at all in anyway.

Long answer...
What you are going to have to do is put your weapons on a tray and bind them... here is a simple way too do it.

1) Pick a trey (I will use tray 4)
2) Line your weapon up on trey 4... Dual beam first then 3 cannons then 3 turrets
3) Input the bind commands into your chat box and hit enter

The first one will fire the weapon you have in the first slot on tray 4
/bind e "+trayexec 3 0"
/bind space "+trayexec 3 1 $$ +trayexec 3 2 $$ +trayexec 3 3 $$ +trayexec 3 4 $$ +trayexec 3 5 $$ +trayexec 3 6"

4) Go and fire at things with your cannons... and hold your beam overloads which you activate with e... you can sub what ever keys you want... you can also bind weapons too different keys what ever works for you.

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