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# 31 Re: Enterprise
03-12-2012, 04:34 PM
I think it was an awesome tribute to Star Trek First Contact, which was a fantastic movie.
I wish the cut scene was a little longer and that Data was the Captain but over all it was cool.
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03-12-2012, 05:09 PM
Originally Posted by Keir-forth
ok responding to both here. the ody class ship is more then capable i am a tactical officer and even without the benefits of engineering i can complete mission after mission with out being destroyed, (despite being destroyed allot in this battle.)
You know that you can run 80 % of the missions with a cruiser, even with an ENTIRELY UNSKILLED character, just by setting a course towards the enemy and activating autofire and grabing a beer?
I mean that seriors, thats how I made my B'tran missions for a long time.
And doesnt work 15% of the rest because the enemys are not in line for one course.

So thyt you run missions regulary does not proofe what the ship is capable of, nor does it proove that a tac captain belongs anywhere near a cruiser when it comes to real challanges.

Originally Posted by anazonda View Post
I felt the introduction was weak.

You should never introduce a new ship in a battle scene... It takes focus away from it, and makes it seem less important than the ship itself.

Enterprise was just "shown" like that... no cool introductions
Enterprise Refitted gets a "grand-tour" showoff, with a shuttle flying around it.
Enterprise A: Another ship fills the screen, flies to the side and BAM... there she is.
Enterprise B: Bottle of champagne flying towards it, breaking and the whole ship is shown.
Enterprise C: Ermerges from temporal rift. Ship is still in focus.
Enterprise D: Slow camera "tour" from bottom.
Enterprise E: Beauty shot, with flyby.
Defiant: Decloaks alone outside of DS9
Voyager: Beautyshot, with the ship docked at a upper pylon.

So why show off the Enterprise in a scene cluttered with so many other ships...
I'd have to disagree there a bit, the first shot of the Ent-E may have been before, but it was short and we did baerly see it.
To me, her real "introduction" always seemed to be the scene where she catches the Defaints shot (the seen the they desperatly failed to tribute here). Thats the first scene weher you really see the ship in extend, and its the scene people have in mind. But that may be a matter of opinion.
Generally I'd prefer "beautyshots" ala TMP, too.

Originally Posted by Leviathan99
IMHO, this mission was probably not originally planned to feature the Enterprise. I bet when this was designed, they were hoping to get it out in April or May and introduce the Enterprise in the next FE, which was probably going to be August or so...
Mhm they said it would come with "the next" (means this) Featured series for a very very very long time. Although they did promise a lot with this new FE (among others the Ambassador and new pvp stuff).
Also it was mentionet similary long ago the captain would be an andorian. So it kind of buildet up to that; although this ships appearence didnt serve ANY purpose in the story.

Originally Posted by Commadore_Bob
On further consideration, I'm going to agree with a previous poster. The awe-factor was lost because I passed by a fleet of Odysseys on my way to play that mission.
Well depends on what kind of "awe" factor you mean. A positive one... was never there, that thing is just to ugly.
An "Awe, what ugly piece of **** that" factor... no.... that doesnt get old.
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03-12-2012, 05:41 PM
Originally Posted by Radkip View Post
The Enterprise' abilities in battle could have been a lot better.

Poor thing. Captain Shon must have just opened his Odyssey Requisition and flown the thing for the first time.
When I did it, the Enterprise didn't drop below 99%...
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03-12-2012, 06:56 PM
Originally Posted by Roche_Furman
When I did it, the Enterprise didn't drop below 99%...
Cause you kept healing it? :p
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03-13-2012, 12:24 AM
Originally Posted by HamRadio18
Cause you kept healing it? :p
I didn't heal it once.

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